• Fights 11
  • Wins 10
  • Draws 0


Daniel Butler

Muay Thai

Daniel Butler


Born in Stockport in 1999, Dan has been training at All Powers Gym for six years now and has developed a strong relationship with both his coaches and fellow fighters during this time. Widely considered as Panicos’ protoge, Dan’s rapid progression in the ring led to him fighting adults way ahead of schedule, picking up some mighty impressive wins in the process.

An ambitious youngster packing a punch full of promise, Dan has already done something many Muay Thai fighters only dream of – flying over to Thailand to train at the Sitjaopho Muay Thai Camp. Experienced coach Paul Tite has assisted Dan during his visits to Southeast Asia, and the teenager is keen to continue learning from the best so he can be as good as his All Powers mentors one day.


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